Corporate Social Responsibility



Great Wolf Lodge engages with local and national non-profit organizations that align with our purpose of bringing joy to families. Being an active and involved member of the community is important to us. Over the years we’ve supported many non-profit organizations including Ronald McDonald House Charities, Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, American Red Cross, Boys & Girls Club, and the Jack and Jill Foundation for Late Stage Cancer.

Two non-profit organizations will be our primary partners for 2019. Our philanthropic endeavors for 2019 will mostly focus on these two incredible organizations. We are able to provide a limited number of room night donations in support of local charitable organizations. Autism Speaks Make A Wish

Requesting non-profit organizations must submit an official request using official letterhead. Include details on how the non-profit’s mission aligns with our purpose of bringing joy to families. All requests must include verification of 501(c)(3) status.

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Due to the high volume of donation requests we receive, we are unable to grant room night donations to church groups, athletic teams or school fundraisers .


Great Wolf Lodge committed ourselves to being a good steward for the environment. In 2007, Project Green Wolf launched a brand-wide initiative. Its programs reduce our environmental imprint through energy and resource conservation efforts. Programs include energy-efficient LED lighting, in-room water conservation, and resort-wide recycling. We recently announced the discontinuation of plastic straws at our resorts. Great Wolf Lodges will feature more environmentally friendly paper straws.

Water conservation is not only a way to minimize our environmental impact. It’s also beneficial to our business. The water park utilizes the same amount of water as one Olympic-sized pool. The parks also feature a technologically advanced water filtration system. The water in the water park is continuously treated and reused. No water is wasted. We lose very little indoor water to evaporation even in the most arid environments.


The safety of our guests and pack members is always our number one priority at Great Wolf Lodge. Renowned International Aquatic Safety and Risk Management Consulting firm, Ellis & Associates , consistently recognizes our resorts with top honors for water safety.

We feature lifeguard training programs for our many on-duty lifeguards. Our company culture places safety above all. Great Wolf Lodge is a national leader in water safety.

Discover our commitment to safety throughout our resorts. Your safety is our concern from the guest rooms to the attractions outside of the water park. Kitchen facilities at our restaurants are 100% nut-free to minimize cross-contamination. Our goal is to provide a safe dining experience for guests with nut-related allergies.

If you are a guest at our resort and see a safety concern, please contact us