Our Culture

Creating family traditions, one family at a time, and continuously improving efficiency in operations are the cornerstones of Great Wolf Resorts. Our Pack Members are passionate about providing the customized, world-class amenities, entertainment experiences and service that consistently generate some of the highest guest satisfaction levels in the industry.

Building Great Wolf Lodge for families by families means that we take our values to work with us, and these cornerstones are built into every aspect of our systems and operations. More importantly, they’re built into our custom training programs for licensing and hotel and water park management.

A recent guest reflected on why Great Wolf Lodge vacations are so unique: “Sitting in our cabana this last time, we realized that this really is our dream vacation. It’s so easy that it feels like we’re on a cruise. Everything is under one roof, we don’t have to plan for meals, the food is absolutely delicious, and we don’t have to worry about losing anything or driving anywhere.

“We even had time for “dates” with our kids. I’d take our daughter to Scooops Kid Spa, while my husband took our son on his favorite water slides, and then we’d switch.

“The staff is just amazing, everyone is so polite and so professional; they seem to love their jobs, and that makes everything so much better. I try to spread the word to my family and friends, because I know that once they try it, they’ll be hooked like we are.”